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Teasy Loose Leaf Tea Flask Ruby Red
  • Teasy Loose Leaf Tea Flask Ruby Red


    An innovative infuser, Teasy is a stylish and functional solution for brewing loose leaf tea on the go. The patent-pending design allows you to see the infusion as it steeps, making it incredibly easy to control the infusion strength and taste. Teasy lets you start/stop your infusion by way of tilting or inverting Teasy. The extra-fine tea strainer contained inside Teasy makes it compatible with anything from large whole-leaf varieties down to the small leaf blends. The extra volume inside Teasy glass cap also has enough room for balled Oolong or flower tea to unfurl as it steeps.

    This is for you if you travel; and for you if you drink tea everywhere you go; for you if you don’t love excess packaging, teabags or take-away cups; and for you if your tea sometimes over-brews or gets cold before you create a moment to truly enjoy it.
    Teasy can also be used for cold brews and botanicals.

    Product Details:
    • Keep warm and keep cold
    • Steeping capacity: 300 ml / 9 oz.(approx.)
    • Temperature tolerance: 0°C to 100°C
    • Product weight: 280 grams (approx.)
    • Material: Insulated stainless steel (SUS304), high-borosilicate glass, silicone
    • Cleaning: Hand wash in soapy warm water
    • Dimension: 7cm x 7cm x 17cm (approx.)



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