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Leanne Duffield founded the Happy Larder Co. as a brand with a mission - to turn the humble cuppa into a force for good. Passionate about inspiring change in the world and a damn good cup of tea, the Happy Larder Co. was born.

We donate our profits, time and resources to grassroots organisations supporting female survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking.

But we don't stop there.

We believe we also have a responsibility to our customers, the people who grow our tea, and the environment. We don't believe our profits or the joy of our daily cuppa should come at a cost to people or the planet. 

The tea industry isn't always an ethical one - and that's exactly why we chose it. Being Britain's second most consumed beverage behind water, which we're pretty sure just goes in the tea, we wanted to ensure your daily cuppa comes from a source you can be proud of.

We worked with one of the UK's best tea tasters for over a year to create a range of ethically and sustainably sourced teas that not only taste great but also have the greatest impact - from the women who pick our teas, to those whose lives we help rebuild, and the environment. 

We also believe good quality loose-leaf tea should be the norm. Not only does it taste better, it provides a superior experience without the environmental impacts of cheap tea and plastic-coated teabags. 

We won't compromise on taste, quality or ethics, and you shouldn't have to either.

Small acts really do change lives. 

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